Our Board and Legal Entities

Global Footprint Network operates through three separate legal entities:

Global Footprint Network is a US-based 501c(3) organization, located at 312 Clay Street, Suite 300, Oakland, California, 94607-3510 USA, which operates as our global headquarters.

Board of Directors:

Honorary Chair


All members of the Board of Directors also serve on the Ambassador Council, Global Footprint Network’s fundraising and outreach committee. The following outside members serve alongside the Board members on the Ambassador Council:

Global Footprint Network—Europe is a Belgium-based AISBL located at 168 avenue de Tervurenlaan, 7th floor, mailbox 15, B—1150 Brussels, Belgium.

Board of Directors:


Global Footprint Network—Switzerland is a Swiss Foundation located at International Environment House 2, 7-9 chemin de Balexert, 1219 Chatelaine (Geneva), SWITZERLAND.
T: +41 (0)22 797 41 08

Board of Directors: