What We Do

Global Footprint Network provides tools and programs that can help countries thrive in a resource-constrained world. More than ever, decision-makers are employing Ecological Footprint accounting to manage their ecological capital, both now and for the future.

These programs help decision-makers recognize the impact of ecological overshoot on their own policies, investments and projects, and demonstrate that it is both in their interest and within their power to turn the tide. By proving to national governments, finance institutions, and international development agencies that they can be more successful if they operate within nature’s budget, Global Footprint Network aims to foster a more stable and prosperous future.

  • Our stewardship of the National Footprint Accounts is bringing new levels of scientific quality and precision to the Ecological Footprint.
  • Our Sustainable Human Development initiative is defining what it really means to meet human needs while maintaining natural capital.
  • Our programs for cities and businesses are extending the Footprint into new domains, developing new methodologies and tools and building the market for Ecological Footprinting.
  • Our work developing international Footprint Standards is advancing the integrity and comparability of Footprint applications worldwide.
  • Our network of 70-plus Partners, located on six continents, is comprised of the world’s leading Footprint practitioners and users and plays a vital role in guiding our research agenda and making Footprinting relevant and practical.
  • Our intent is that together these initiatives will bring about new solutions and spark a global dialogue about ecological limits and overshoot. The results we expect will redirect billions of dollars of investment flows toward making sustainable human development a reality.