Data Licenses

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National Accounts and Country Risk Rankings data are available under license for academic and commercial purposes. In order to help fund the annual calculation and ongoing improvements to the National Footprint Accounts, we have recently instituted fees for the licensing of the National Footprint Accounts data.

National Footprint Account Data Licenses

We offer three categories of National Accounts data packages.

  1. Gold Edition: Designed with the Finance Industry in mind, the Gold Edition offers results to the current year using a new now-casting method to extend observed data to the present time. The Gold Edition data packages include either basic or full results (consumption, biocapacity, production, and trade broken down by land type) for either one year or a full time series (1961-2014). Fees for the Gold Edition start at €700 for the basic results of up to 10 countries in the current Edition year. Please contact us for more information.
  2. Standard Edition: Provides either basic or full results up to the latest observed data year. Fees for the Standard Edition start at €500 for the basic results of up to 10 countries in the most recent observed year. For the 2014 Edition, the most recent observed data year is 2010. Please contact us for more information.
  3. Previous Edition: For non-commercial, educational use, we offer discounted or free access to previous edition results and reduced restrictions on publishing. Currently, the Previous Edition is the 2012 edition with observed data up to 2009. The Previous Edition, basic data license which has no fee, includes time series graphs of all countries, world graphs and basic results from the NFA 2014 Edition, plus basic 2009 results for 150 countries from the NFA 2012 Edition. The Previous Edition, full results, full time series data license which is available at a discounted fee, restricted to research/education purposes only, includes everything from the Previous Edition, basic data license plus the full results, from the full time series for 187 countries from the NFA 2012 Edition.

Country Risk Rankings

Country Risk Rankings provide the latest results for 132 countries on the extent to which national economies are exposed to natural resource risk. The E-RISC methodology relies on Global Footprint Network’s Ecological Footprint and biocapacity accounts, a set of resource accounts for over 260 countries with time trends dating back to 1961. The Footprint’s focus on renewable biological resources (such as fisheries, forests, cropland and grazing land) is supplemented with data on non-renewable natural resources including fossil fuels, metals and minerals to provide a more comprehensive definition of natural resource risk. Please contact us for more information.

National Footprint Account Workbook Licenses

NFA Workbook Licenses provide the opportunity for academics and researchers to view the full calculations for the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts. The workbooks include all data on production, trade, and the calculations used to determine the Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity.